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A few suggestions of new & back in stock books we like: (Just click on the book cover to find out more about these great picks)!

Normal People: A Novel Cover ImageA Beautiful Crime: A Novel Cover ImageLove's Next Meeting: The Forgotten History of Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture Cover ImageThe Inheritance Cover ImageTidal Flats Cover ImageSummer Longing Cover ImageOut in Central Pennsylvania: The History of an Lgbtq Community (Keystone Books) Cover Image

From the East End Books Ptown Highly Recommend List...

Normal People: A Novel Cover Image

I received an advanced review copy of this book from a friend in London and was completely blown away by this beautifully crafted story of two people who clearly adore & love each other in such a deep, soulful way, yet struggle to connect. The dialogue between the two lead characters is poignant, heartbreaking, and meaningful -really wise beyond their age at the outset. Following along from their high school years & beyond, you get a real window into the mind & hearts of two unique individuals.

The pages burst with the discussion of ideas, literature, honor, disappointment, pain - all of the human qualities that make us who we are. In this novel, we bear witness to the joy, pain, & struggle that people go through individually & as a couple. The raw emotion is stunning & gorgeously portrayed by these two incredible characters who are trying to figure life out and define who they are & hope to become.

I read this book again before it came out in hardback in America and then again in January ahead of the paperback release, crying, appreciating & marveling at Sally Rooney's brilliant portrait of two people completely, passionately & utterly devoted to each other through the years, though it was rarely easy or simple. The avid reader and bookseller side of me loved this book!

The filmmaker side of me was also completely taken & mesmerized by the spectacular, passionate & nuanced performances by the two lead actors in the new Hulu episodic series adaptation of the book. I was truly riveted & stunned by the authentic, sophisticated, lovely & at times painful portrayal of the lead characters. This gorgeously shot series will keep you glued to the screen. Well-deserved accolades have gone out to Daisy Edgar-Jones as Marianne and newcomer Paul Mescal as Connell.

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The Inheritance Cover Image

Hi: This is my brief review of The Inheritance. Love the Play! - Jeff , Bookseller @ East End Books Ptown

This is a brilliant Play! I saw Part I & II in London at the Noel Coward Theatre in November 2018 and in NYC November 2019. Remarkable acting from a cast that moves you to tears, laughter, reflection, and back to tears! Read this Play Script as soon as possible!

Matthew Lopez has written a brilliant play that made me feel recognized & valued as a gay man, and part of not only a great LGBTQ family but also a larger community of straight allies and friends.
It also takes a look at those we’ve lost and the way they remain in our hearts. A brilliant theatrical performance! It was difficult to sleep the night I saw Part I & II - it’s so much to think about.


I loved the traces of Howard’s End interspersed throughout the Play and E.M. Forster appearing among the cast of Characters, as they’re trying to “speak their truth.” This is one of those Plays you’ll be re-reading.

The Inheritance has so much to say and I was thrilled by the talk, display and pure love of books and literature that you see throughout this Play! The renewed call to fight for what’s great about our Country as we face some of our darkest times - made me freshly enthused and ready to
Fight to defend to our rights.


And what a powerful look at the many people we lost to AIDS and the beautiful remembrance of the people and trails that were blazed, along with the links between generations of gay men from the past to the present - all tied together to the responsibilities we have to one another - as a community at large. There’s so much to think about and reflect on. This is one of those performances that you want to get on a plane and fly “across the pond” to see!