Coffee Saved My Life: A Memoir (Paperback)

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Have you ever hit rock bottom? You're not alone. Lindsey Buboltz, mother, wife, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and coach, finally shares the story behind her success... and it's not what you'd think. Far from growing up with a silver spoon, Lindsey tells the tale of abandonment by her parents, abuse, and even a murder that almost caused her to end her own life for good. And then one day Lindsey woke up with a *jolt*. It was the day after a near suicide attempt; Lindsey didn't know if she could make it out of bed. But somebody handed her a very special elixir that changed her life for good. Lindsey has lifted herself out of enough pain and tragedy to fill 100 lifetimes. And today, she's going to tell you how she went from brokenhearted and destitute to building a million dollar business almost overnight. You won't believe your eyes. (And, yeah... grab a tissue... make it the whole box ) You won't be able to put this remarkable book down.

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ISBN: 9780578938639
ISBN-10: 0578938634
Publisher: Pierucci Publishing
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2021
Pages: 152
Language: English