The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality - Book One (Paperback)

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The Grand Illusion (TGI) synthesizes the paranormal with today's hard science, seeking to initiate a dramatic reempowering of humanity and a new direction for civilization. After reading, you'll no longer consider yourself just a powerless little "meat computer" destined for total annihilation at life's biological end; that outmoded worldview is firmly buried by the material set out within.

Here, new and expansive vistas of possibility are laid bare; the forces and energies produced by our consciousness that act on the world around us are blown open for your understanding. Did you know that modern neuroscience considers the brain as a receiver of consciousness rather than the generator of it? Get ready for an introduction to the mysterious "fifth force" known to science--a virtually unshieldable "carrier wave" of consciousness that can travel at speeds far exceeding light.

With the knowledge that we are incredible and immortal spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a dream-like, multidimensional, holographic reality, we can indeed begin to turn life on this planet--which, for many, is a virtual nightmare--into The Grand Illusion.

Are you ready to meet yourself and encounter the Real?

"A masterpiece. If The Grand Illusion were merely paradigm destroying, which it certainly is for rearguard scientific 'Funda-materialists, ' it would be a satisfying read. Fortunately, for those of us dedicated to establishing a new civilization of consciousness, Brendan Murphy's fascinating, inspiring and seminal work also opens the door to a world of new creative possibilities...The Grand Illusion is mind-blowing."

--Sol Luckman, author of Potentiate Your DNA

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ISBN: 9780646973357
ISBN-10: 0646973355
Publisher: Global Freedom Movement Press
Publication Date: August 4th, 2017
Pages: 606
Language: English