EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS - Build Trust: How to Create a Loving and Healthy Relationship Through the Power of Coherence, Listening, and (Paperback)

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN RELATIONSHIPS - Build Trust: How to Create a Loving and Healthy Relationship Through the Power of Coherence, Listening, and Cover Image
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Do you fight with your partner on a regular basis?

No matter how hard you try to word things, do you often find that the message gets garbled somewhere, ruining the impact you were intending to create? Maybe you constantly say things the wrong way, and in doing so, you trigger negative emotions in your partner that do nothing but make the conflict worse. Or maybe you simply do not know how to communicate effectively at all, and even trying to makes you freeze up.

Are you ready to take control of your life once and for all, and fix the communication conundrum in your life? If you are fed up with constant miscommunications that threaten your relationship on a regular basis, Effective Communication in Relationships is here to help you reclaim your life.

Because communication is so integral to your entire relationship and is even one of the three key pillars in a healthy relationship, not being able to communicate effectively is a sure way to condemn your relationship to failure. However, communication is something you can develop through diligence and effort. You can train yourself to become better at communicating. Much like practice will make you stronger, you can use repeated practice at various communication-building exercises to become better at communicating effectively with your partner, and this book intends to teach you several skills you can use exactly for that process. Within this book, you will find:

  • Descriptions of both healthy and unhealthy relationships, as well as traits of both;
  • Red flags in relationships that should never be ignored;
  • The importance of empathy and the way your relationship will struggle if you fail to develop a capacity for empathetic behaviors;
  • How to listen effectively and how to speak effectively to make your partner listen to you;
  • How gratefulness may be the key to salvaging a relationship that is corroding, and how you can bring gratefulness back into a relationship that has become jaded by taking each other for granted;
  • How consistency between your behaviors and your words is crucial and how to develop the ability to follow through with what you claim you will do;
  • Several different ways to strengthen your relationship so effective communication will come naturally to it;
  • How to keep conflicts fair and solve them quickly without things escalating or getting ugly;
  • And more

As you read through this book with your partner and begin to implement the several different advised exercises and techniques, you will find your relationship strengthening and bettering with time, and the results will be undeniable: You and your partner will become a better team than you ever have been before, and you will be happier with each other because of it.

Even if you feel like your relationship is struggling now, it is not too late-you can learn these skills and implement them, no matter what stage in your relationship you are in. The skills you will learn as you read will be worth it.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781513676616
ISBN-10: 151367661X
Publisher: Julia Arias
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English