Adapt or Die: Your Survival Guide to Modern Warehouse Automation (Hardcover)

Adapt or Die: Your Survival Guide to Modern Warehouse Automation Cover Image
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If you sell physical products, warehousing and shipping costs can make or break your business.

But most companies treat order fulfillment like an afterthought, running headlong toward a future in which they won't be able to compete with marketplace giants.

In Adapt or Die, Jeremy Bodenhamer paints a compelling picture of waste and lost profits, including case studies in which one wrong move in something as simple as packaging can send a company into the red.

Fortunately, there's a better way. By embracing end-to-end automation, companies can ensure that every item sold is shipped quickly and efficiently, in the smallest possible package, through the best-priced carrier, restoring critical savings to your bottom line.

And you don't have to be Amazon to do it.

Whether you're an e-commerce executive, retailer, manufacturer, or distributor, pick up Adapt or Die to learn how small to mid-sized businesses are taking on the five giants of the shipping industry-and winning.

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ISBN: 9781544517124
ISBN-10: 1544517122
Publisher: Houndstooth Press
Publication Date: November 11th, 2020
Pages: 266
Language: English