Tales of Manhattan Through Time (America Through Time) (Paperback)

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An enriching history that surpasses, at least in lore, any other city in the world, Tales of Manhattan Through Time is an exploration of a utopia of art and architecture, world peacekeepers and the opportune sanctuary for immigrant, plus a community that produces theatrical extravaganzas to celebrating it all. Tales of Manhattan Through Time connects the past with the present via the yellowed archival photos and the closest we have to time travel. Historical, yes; hysterical, but of course. As perhaps the most photographed, via box and brownie, digital and selfie or cinema, silent and sound, captured environs on the planet. The underbelly of the underworld and the fanatical terrorists may be constantly testing the resolve of that Manhattan spirit. But tourist will continue to yearn to join the long term resident or the "born and breads," for there is a pride of tenacious survival that comes with the title "I'm a New Yorker " Purchased by the Dutch in 1626 reportedly for mere bobbles of shiny jewelry for farmland, the island would eventually be the "jewel of a metropolis called Manhattan, (Manahactanienk), Native American for "place of inebriation" but 300 years later the little village was unstoppable and would intoxicate the world with its wonder to become one of, if not the greatest cities in the world.... ever.
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ISBN: 9781635000085
ISBN-10: 1635000084
Publisher: America Through Time
Publication Date: September 12th, 2016
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: America Through Time