Breastfeeding: Empowering Parents (Paperback)

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Those who decide to breastfeed are faced with a disturbing lack of good advice and "hands on" help. Their initial determination to breastfeed is too often lost in conflicting solutions being offered and not working. Something they at first imagined should be simple and "natural" turns out to be a distressing and frustrating experience which frequently ends in their rejecting breastfeeding entirely. This book is filled with new approaches to preventing problems and treating problems if they have already occurred. These approaches work because they have been tested for over 45 years of combined experience and with over 30,000 mothers and their babies. They are aimed at making breastfeeding work. This book covers questions which have stumped lactation consultants and doctors alike and which result in mothers frequently saying "We tried everything, but I just couldn't breastfeed." This usually means there was no one who could offer a real solution to a baby who was fussy, crying, rejecting the breast, not thriving and failing to gain weight or to sore nipples or the mother needing treatment. Frequently, the inability to provide real help is hidden in statements like "It is important that the mother and baby are happy, don't worry about breastfeeding." Even after years of "helping" mothers, some "helpers" still cannot tell by watching a baby breastfeed whether the baby is getting breastmilk. By reading this book, you will know how to know. Here are some of the questions you will find answered in this book: - Why are there so many women having problems with breastfeeding? - How does one start breastfeeding? - Do mothers have milk in the first few days after birth or does milk come in later? - What can be done to make breastfeeding work? - Can premature babies be breastfed (at the breast)? - Why is my baby rejecting the breast? - Are "modern" formulas really similar to breastmilk? - Is bottle feeding breastmilk really the same as breastfeeding? - What is the real deal about tongue ties? - Can mothers take medications and breastfeed? - Can I restart breastfeeding if I stopped completely? - When do I start my breastfed baby on food and how? - Can I get pregnant when breastfeeding? - When will my breastfed baby sleep through the night? Dr Jack Newman shares his expertise and experience of working at his Breastfeeding Clinic called The International Breastfeeding Centre in Toronto as well as Africa and Northern Canada, of listening to mothers and their stories and answering over a hundred emails from mothers every day. 335 pages.

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ISBN: 9781717802842
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Publication Date: July 16th, 2018
Pages: 336
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