Lonesome for Wilderness: Tracking and Trailing in Forest, Desert, or Your Own Back Yard (Paperback)

Lonesome for Wilderness: Tracking and Trailing in Forest, Desert, or Your Own Back Yard By Linda Jo Hunter, Linda Jo Hunter (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Linda Jo Hunter, Linda Jo Hunter (Illustrator)
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"A lovely book for nature lovers and for readers interested in wilderness exploration and tracking, filled with both reflection and timeless information."-Library Journal STARRED Review

No matter your age or abilities, Linda Jo Hunter's years of experience as a wilderness guide & teacher will help you enjoy the outdoors without fear, expand tracking and trailing skills, and rekindle the Wild in you

In this book, you'll learn how to:

Advance your tracking journey

Keep yourself safe and comfortable

Avoid ending up in a survival situation

Practice self-care away from home

Respond effectively to being "lost"

Work in a group while thinking for yourself

Deal with strangers on the trail

Respect and survive your wildlife encounters

And most of all, how to have priceless adventures

Author Linda Jo Hunter has often been entrusted with safekeeping groups looking for wilderness adventure. She's served as an Alaska grizzly bear viewing guide, and as a trained search and rescue volunteer, private yacht caption, and public tour boat operator. She is the author of her Alaska memoir, Lonesome for Bears: A Woman's Journey in the Tracks of the Wilderness (with photographer Amy Shapira), and serves as a popular guest speaker and teacher of animal tracking and trailing skills. She co-founded the International Society of Professional Trackers and produced its newsletter, all making her a terrific resource for learning how to be an outdoorsy person at any age or ability.

Thirty years of animal tracking and trailing experience have given her ample stories and advice to share for anyone who wants to enjoy the natural world without worry or distress. Storytelling is her favorite way to teach so she doesn't hold back, even when she's the punchline. She is also an accomplished artist. Her illustrations fill this book of spilled secrets with more samples of her wisdom, wit, and earned skills.

You may wind up reading Lonesome for Wilderness well into the night, then propel yourself out the door the next day with new confidence, whether you're interested in solo hiking, safe wildlife encounters, trailing animals in the snow or in the desert, new camping activities, a fun way to enjoy more ebike adventures, or getting over your fear of bears and cougars.

With Linda's guidance and at your own pace, you can develop or improve your outdoor animal tracking and trailing skills, whether in your own back yard-or out in the forests, mountains, or deserts, where Nature presents all her endless mysteries for you to solve.

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