Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder (Paperback)

Hoarders: Family and Friends Guide to Dealing With Their Hoarder Cover Image
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***Note: This book is for those loved ones and friends who do not live with their hoarders. However, the concepts are basically the same if you do live with your hoarder. The author is planning on publishing a book in 2019 for the person that is currently living with a hoarder.*** (This book can still be helpful if you live with your hoarder.)I am a hoarder... I know how hoarders think...(This book will soon also be available as a large-print edition and on Kindle.)If you are a loved one or a friend of a hoarder, you should purchase, read, and apply my suggestions to help your hoarder. If you are a hoarder, your book will be coming late April or in May 2018. In the meantime, purchase this book for your loved ones.Loved ones. This book might actually make you cry... What you see as loving behavior towards your loved one, who just happens to be a hoarder, may hurt them more and alienate them more...If you really love your loved one, who is a hoarder, you really, really need this book. Why? I am a hoarder and I know the shame that "well meaning loved ones" make us feel.As a hoarder, I am grateful that you are reading this book.

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ISBN: 9781986411509
ISBN-10: 1986411508
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 8th, 2018
Pages: 126
Language: English