East End Books Subscription Plan

Choose the appropriate subscription plan below, for you, or for a friend or loved one. 

A Year in Books - A Unique Bespoke Service 
East End Books Ptown has a new Book Subscription Plan that is tailored to the genre you like combined with curated selections made just for you. Each subscription price includes all shipping costs. You can choose a hardback or paperback subscription plan. Purchase a subscription for yourself or give one of our book subscriptions for a truly unique present for a book-lover! 

You can purchase the plan on our website. You will receive a short questionnaire from East End Books Ptown that will help us make our monthly selections for you. If you prefer, you may call us at (508) 413-9059 to purchase your subscription. This is a bespoke service offered just for you. Each of our Year in Books subscriptions is completely unique to the recipient, and we work very hard to choose the perfect book every month for every individual, as we know that one size very rarely fits all. 
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12   Month Hardback Plan is   $440.00
   6  Month Hardback Plan is   $220.00
 12  Month Paperback Plan is  $300.00
    6 Month Paperback Plan is  $150.00