"My Sunburned Summer" by Tatiana von Furstenberg Book Event 6/24 @6pm

East End Books Presents: "My Sunburned Summer" by   Author, Artist, Actress, Filmmaker  - Tatiana von Furstenberg. Friday June 24th @6pm. Drawings by Jessika Wood.

*This is an East End Books Ptown-  Provincetown Exclusive National Launch!

Help us welcome Tatiana von Furstenberg to East End Books Ptown for a waterfront & virtual book event. This over size, limited-edition book can be  purchased by clicking the Donate tab on the front page of this website. The book is $19.07 with tax. Add $5 for media mail and $10 for faster delivery. There are also 5 copies of a very limited over-size hardback (on archival paper) edition of this beautiful book, available for $125 each. Total $132.81 with tax. Add $15 for shipping.


The smyth sewn case bound edition is covered in coral book cloth and is foil stamped in 3 colors. Printed endpapers frame an interior consisting of 204 offset printed pages. The edition also includes a stitch sewn book of autobiographical poems and historical letter and envelop ancillary artifacts which fit into slip pockets and the end of the book.

Signed copies available in-person and virtual guests can request signed copies, which will be mailed after the book event.

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My Sunburned Summer is a graphic novel set in 1987 at a resort by the sea. It’s a coming-of-age story told through the sketchbook of Augusta, a fourteen-year-old girl on vacation with her promiscuous father and her wild and rugged brother, who is finding out for the first time that their father is gay.

It’s the story of a family that breaks apart, each forced to wrestle with shame and identity, before coming back together stronger.

MY SUNBURNED SUMMER represents a beacon of hope to anyone who has ever felt the sting of marginalization, misunderstanding, or neglect.


Author: Tatiana von Furstenberg

Drawings: Jessika Wood

Creative Production: Natalia Provatas

Design: Gregory Mastrianni

Digital production: Papa Imaging, Huddersfield, UK

Printed in the USA by Shapco, Minneapolis

Tatiana von Fürstenberg is an actress and producer, known for Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Tanner Hall (2009) and Tyrolean Riviera (2010). Daughter of Egon von Fürstenberg, an Austrian Baron and a German Prince, & fashion maven Diane von Fürstenberg, thus Tatiana's birth name of Prinzessin ("Princess"). Tatiana owns Norman Mailer's firmer home in Provincetown.

About the Author
Tatiana von Furstenberg
uses the freedom of language to explore the adventures of her
life, and make sense of them. Tatiana was born with an undiagnosed muscle disease,
and spent years not understanding why she was out of step with others, and why her
body would not move without effort.

Whenever possible, Tatiana would visit a painting that hung in the offices of her
Elementary school. It was a portrait of a beached mermaid, alone on the shore. The
Siren looked longingly at village life where the community was gathering in celebration.
She was close enough to watch the merriment and hear the laughter, but she could
never get there to be a part of...

..were it not for storytelling, which became Tatiana's life line. Storytelling, and the infinite
vastness of language became a vehicle through which she could participate in the
world. And so, her friendships became centered around sharing stories, and the
expression of ideas.

Ink is the tool that has empowered Tatiana to materialize the otherwise invisible, and
therefore invalidating, experience of being able to DO very little. Imagination, emotions,
impressions, intuition and ideas, that would otherwise remain ethereal and unrealized,
have instead become a doorway to cultivating a real and full life.

Tatiana von Furstenberg has crafted language and created narratives across many
disciplines, most notably screenwriting Tanner Hall, Tyrolean Riviera, Lyrics for Songs,
Playdate and the creation of On the Inside, a group show of currently incarcerated
LGBTQ+ artists.

About the Artist
Jessika Wood
started drawing when she was a toddler as a way of finding
companionship. As an only child, her drawings became her friends. It was through
drawing that she not only discovered her
playfulness and humor, but also found an outlet for the somber emotions that moved
through her. Making art has always been the way that Jessika makes sense of the
complexities of life and metabolizes her humanity and sensitivity.
Jessika's drawings are honest, which is why they vibrate so powerfully inside so many
of us.
Jessika Wood had the opportunity to be a part of KIM'S BEDROOM, a group show with
Sonic Youth in the Netherlands.
Her painted ceramics were on display at Cesar's Palace during the run of Bette Midler
Jessika lives in Los Angeles, where she spends most of her time embroidering,
drawing, painting and working her images onto linoleum prints and ceramics.



Event date: 
Friday, June 24, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm
Event address: 
389 Commercial St.
Provincetown, MA 02657
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